Award Opportunity for Bookend!

We've been chosen for a fan favorite vote on the Game Development World Championship website! Voting will end this Monday, so we'd really appreciate any votes we can get! This also means that if we win the fan favorite vote, we could be eligible for winning the final audience vote for the entire competition! So we appreciate any votes, and any shares/retweets of this post! And thank you all! <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" type":104,"tn":"*n"}"="">#gamdev</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" type":104,"tn":"*n"}"="">#indiegamedev</a> <a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" type":104,"tn":"*n"}"="">#indiegame</a><a href="" class="_58cn" data-ft="{" type":104,"tn":"*n"}"="">#madewithunity</a>
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