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Bookend is a VR title in which the player harnesses their imagination to interact with their favorite pop-up book, The Little Witch.

Explore the book's world and help the protagonist, the little witch, Abigail, as she's pursued by an angry mob trying to stop her mission that could either mean saving the world—or ending it.

Install instructions

This game requires an Oculus Rift system and Oculus Touch controllers. Make sure to enable unknown sources to be played on Oculus Home.


BookendFinal.zip 96 MB

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I was able to get it working, I found a few bugs in the game so it took some time had to restart it a lot but I got an ending.  Not sure how many endings there is but it was more than just a pop up book for sure.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Wow the ending. Are the multiple endings to the game?

Right now there are no plans for multiple endings, it has been something we were hoping to explore though!

I was wondering if I had missed something or done something wrong, that ending was quite a surprise. :D